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Letter to Customer

Dear Customer,

The Book Vine's start can be traced to a phone call. 

It was 1979. My husband Mark and I were living in an apartment in Chicago, where
we had just welcomed our first child. While most new parents focused on gathering baby
clothes and toys, as a librarian, I was stockpiling quality children's books.

Word of my book collection spread, and then the phone rang.

"I understand you have a good book collection," said the caller, Karen Haigh.
"I need help selecting books for my Head Start Classroom down the street."

I invited Karen over and we "talked books" for two hours. "We need someone
like you to help us choose good books," she said.

"I can do that!" I told her. And so, The Book Vine for Children was born.

The scale-up took time. What started as a small shelf of books for sale soon
spilled all over the apartment, including Mark's side of the bed. He obligingly
crawled in on my side each night. It was a time of rapid growth for Early Childhood centers,
and our business grew too, as did our family with the arrival of our son.
The books had to move out of the apartment and into their own space.

Much has changed. We now operate out of a big warehouse in McHenry, IL,
and we ship to wonderful Early Childhood programs nationwide.

The work of The Book Vine remains what was asked of me years ago:
Help teachers find the very best books for their early childhood classrooms.

Thank you for your support as we do the job that we love.

Isabel Baker

P.S. Want to know how we select catalog-worthy books?