Story Time Tips

A word about hardcovers….

In the preschool classroom, nothing takes the place of hardcover books. Their robust shape, higher quality paper, stitched binding, and vivid colors are a tactile and visual treat. Because they stand erect when presented at story time, it is much easier for children to see a hardcover than a floppy paperback.

Children feel nurtured by good books, and there's nothing they like more than sitting in a cozy group while their teacher reads a great story. Maximize the enjoyment for teacher and child by incorporating these useful tips:

How to Read to a Group

  1. Establish a daily reading routine.
  2. Choose stories you like.
  3. Choose stories with bold pictures. Lots of exceptions but still good to remember)
  4. Familiarize yourself with the story before you read it to the group.
  5. Sit on a low stool or chair and make sure children are comfortable.
  6. Hold book in front of the group with illustrations facing the children, and read from side to side.
  7. Read the name of the author and illustrator each time you read a book.
  8. Do not be overly dramatic. Dramatization takes away from the reader’s imagination.
  9. Avoid gimmicks.
  10. Have fun!

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