Book Vine Services

• We will read to you!

If you are uncertain about the content of the story or unsure how the illustrations will hold up in a group setting, just phone us! We will gladly read the book to you over the phone and do our best to describe the illustrations.

• Looking for something we don’t carry?

The Book Vine fills special orders on a daily basis for our customers. All you have to do is ask!

• Placing an order that needs to be collated for many centers?

We will pack your order to your specifications. Whether you need a set of books for four centers or four hundred, we will pack it in sets at no additional cost.

• In a hurry?

We can overnight your order. Just call us for a quote on the freight.

• End of Year Money?

We customize book lists for many of our customers. Just tell us your budget and the types of books you need, and we will do the rest. Our customers seem to especially appreciate this service when it is the end of their fiscal year and the money for classroom libraries and book collections needs to be spent right away.

Have Questions?

Phone: 800-772-4220 or 815-363-8880
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