Looking for Smile (HC)

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Bear and Smile are best of friends and constant companions. Whether they're enjoying nuts and berries or playing in waterfalls, Smile is always there, beaming on Bear's face. With a friend like Smile, it can be easy for Bear—and many of us—to take our everyday happiness for granted. But when Smile suddenly disappears, what is Bear to do? A bird friend comforts him. They sit. They sing and hum. They wait for Smile, who eventually returns. This profound story doesn't name Bear's sadness directly, but children will relate to the ups and downs of everyday moods. The stunning illustrations are rendered in warm, joyful colors when Smile is present. They are pensive, made from hues of blue, on the pages where Smile is gone. A deeply powerful book.

Written by Ellen Tarlow. Illustrated by Lauren Stringer.


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