All the Faces of Me (HC)

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A little girl admires her Nana's wooden nesting dolls that sit side by side on the windowsill. She thinks all the dolls look too much alike, after all, she has many different faces and feelings inside of her, and the dolls should too. The girl paints new expressions on the dolls' faces, but when Nana sees what she has done, she is furious. 

It takes a moment for Nana to warm to the new look of each doll, and as she listens to her granddaughter's reasoning, she realizes that everyone has many faces and feelings. Hugs are exchanged and the dolls are returned to the windowsill. 

A wonderful and uplifting story about honoring emotions but it also touches on communication skills, creative self-expression, and conflict resolution.  

Written by Laura Alary. Illustrated by Salini Perera. 

Hardcover (English). Recommended for Ages: 5-8.



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