Por un ratitio / Only for a Little While (SHC)

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When Maribel's family has to move in with Tía Carmen because her Papi lost his job, Maribel and her sister feel unsettled. 

It's not always easy to share space with extended family members. It can be loud and crowded, and the adjustment can be difficult.

But Papi reminds the girls that it is only por un ratito - just for a little while. In the meantime, there is always someone to play with, and mealtimes are filled with music and laughter. 

Maribel realizes that maybe sharing a house with her cousins por un ratito, isn't so bad after all. 

Written by Gabriela Orozco Belt. Illustrated by Richy Sánchez Ayala. Translation by Alejandra Oliva.

Hardcover (Spanish). Recommended for Ages: 4-8 years.

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