Bitty Bao Wooden Dim Sum Toy Set

Item #: Bitty Bao Wooden Dim Sum Toy Set
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Dim sum is everyone's favorite late-morning-to-lunchtime meal shared between family and friends. Inspired by your favorite books, our Bitty Bao Wooden Dim Sum Toy Set will engage children into imaginative play of preparing, sharing, and enjoying everyone's favorite treat.

Set Includes: 12 pieces: 2 stackable wooden steamer baskets, 1 wooden steamer lid, 2 wooden steamer papers, 1 wooden shrimp dumpling, 1 wooden steamed pork dumpling, 1 wooden lotus wrapped rice, 1 wooden egg tart, 1 wooden sesame ball, 1 wooden BBQ pork bun, 1 wooden crispy dumpling. 1 bilingual Chinese-English dim sum menu. 

For Ages 3+

Total: $60.00

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