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How The Book Vine Selects Books


How do we decide which books deserve to be showcased in our catalog? Here's how it happens:

      • Publishers want their books in our catalog, so they send review copies of all the new picture books coming out, about 3,000 of them. 

      • After Isabel reads each one, the promising ones are set aside.

      • Each morning at 9 am we have a "Morning Meeting". The entire staff, many of whom have been with us for close to 20 years, meet at the kitchen table 

      • Modeling the reading position of a pre-school teacher,  Isabel holds a new book aloft in her left hand, sharing the illustrations as she reads. It is essential to read a book aloud to see if it will work. 

      • Staff critique each book and discuss whether it is worthy of further review.

  • Read, repeat. The back wall of the warehouse is full of the thousands of books that didn't make the cut that year.

       • As soon as the catalog is finished, we start all over again for the next year. 

       • When you receive our recommendations - through our catalog, our website, speaking engagements, and trainings - you know that a year of culling and review went into them.


Of the thousands of books we receive each year, only about 300 meet The Book Vine Standard. We set the bar high. You and the children deserve the best!