How The Book Vine Selects Books

Publishers want their books in our catalog, so they send review copies of all new children’s Picture Books published each year, about 3000 of them.

Our key to the best selection is reading each book aloud. Titles are read multiple times; only after repeated reading and discussion of each title’s merits are the best books moved to the approved section.

Many titles are rejected, but we hold onto these books for review later in the year. Even though we believe in our process, we consider reviews and reread titles to make sure we didn’t miss a title worthy of inclusion.

When you receive our recommendations - via our catalogs, brochures, website, and trainings - you know that many hours of discussion and consideration went into our selection.

Of the thousands of books we receive each year, only about 300 meet our standards. We set the bar high.

You and your children deserve only the best!

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