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Sneak Peek! 2021 Top Picks

Great new hardcovers for every area of the classroom!

  1. All-Together Quilt (HC)
  2. Birdie's Beauty Parlor (HC)
  3. Black Is a Rainbow Color (HC)
  4. Blue House (HC)

    Blue House (HC)

  5. Dozens of Doughnuts (HC)
  6. Eek!: A Noisy Journey from A to Z (HC)
  7. Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away (HC)
  8. Feast of Peas (HC)

    Feast of Peas (HC)

  9. Federico and the Wolf (HC)
  10. Goodnight, Veggies (HC)

    Goodnight, Veggies (HC)

  11. Heads and Tails: Insects (HC)
  12. How Do Dinosaurs Show Good Manners? (HC)
  13. Kind (HC)

    Kind (HC)

  14. Let's Play Monsters! (HC)
  15. Looking for Smile (HC)

    Looking for Smile (HC)

  16. Maisy Gets a Pet (HC)

    Maisy Gets a Pet (HC)

  17. Mayhem at the Museum: A Book in Pictures (HC)
  18. My Bed: Enchanting Ways to Fall Asleep Around the World (HC)
  19. Old Rock (is not boring) (HC)
  20. On Market Street (HC)

    On Market Street (HC)

  21. Ready to Fly: How Sylvia Townsend Became the Bookmobile Ballerina (HC)
  22. Round (HC)

    Round (HC)

  23. Ruby's Birds (HC)

    Ruby's Birds (PB)

  24. Shapes (HC)

    Shapes (HC)

  25. Smeds and the Smoos (HC)
  26. Snail Crossing (HC)

    Snail Crossing (HC)

  27. Suitcase (HC)

    Suitcase (HC)

  28. Sunny (HC)

    Sunny (HC)

  29. Three Little Kittens (HC)
  30. When Grandpa Gives You a Toolbox (HC)
  31. When the Babies Came to Stay (HC)
  32. When the Storm Comes (HC)
  33. Who Is in the Egg? (HC)

    Who Is in the Egg? (HC)

  34. You Are a Beautiful Beginning (HC)

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